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Making embroideries is one of my hobbies and a lot of fun doing it. The embroideries are all handmade. I use all kinds of fabrics, techniques and styles.

Collecting materials

Start collecting materials, fabrics and odds and ends, anything you want. Use firm fabric for the background to start with, this is important because it makes working a lot easier. Use plain colors for the background. It is useful to have a sketch or potograph of what you are designing. Start cutting the fabric into proper shape and pin it on the background. Make sure that is as you like it best, because in this stage you still can make changes. Make a nice composition and when satisfied start stitching it on the background. You can use sewing thread, embroidery thread or both, what you like best.

Embroidery threads


To finish your design you can decorate it with beads, ribbons, wool, small sequins, lace or whatever you like. The possibilities are endless. For decoration you can use embroidery thread in different kind of thickness and colors. The finishing touch of course is to frame it.


Most the time I work with three styles, Application, Freestyle and the Mola- technique.

In the gallery you find some of my embroideries made in different styles and techniques.
I will show you more later on.
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