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Styles & techniques

MolaThis technique originates from the Cuna Indians from South America. The word Mola in fact means blouse. These specific blouses are made using a double layer of fabric of which the top layer is cut open at a regular spacing. Then the fabric is folded back creating lancet shaped openings through which the bottom layer can be see.

In the mola- technique you can use as many layers as you wish. In that case you work layer by layer down to the bottom. All is embroidered together. The essence here is the diversity of embroidery stitches and threads. You should take care not to decorate too much as the different layers and the various stitches and threads are very colorful. Color combinations are very crucial in this technique.

First you cut the fabric layers in the require shape and tack the layers together. Mostly I use two or three layers. Now this package is tacked and stitched to the background with different stitches and embroidery threads. The sections in the top layer are cut away exposing the next layer. The edges of the cutaways then again are embroidered to the layer below with or without hem as desired. This way you work your way down the layers till reaching the background. As said the use of further decoration should be limited because the technique already is very colorful.



Mosque Amman

The blue mosque

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