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My name is Erica Makkink born the 15th of December 1950 in Brummen (The Netherlands). I’am a self-thought woman. I went to several schools during my childhood and had an uncomplicated youth.

At the age of sixteen I started making embroideries. It started at school with an assignment embroidery free expression. It was the first time I designed embroidery. I really enjoyed making it and as result they gave me an A. The embroidery was exhibit in the showcase of the local railway station. It was the first step making embroidery. Later I developed different kinds of techniques using my fantasy and own sketches to start with. I picked up a lot of inspiration in the Middle East where I spend a great deal of my live. I got inspirations as well the times we were on leave in Holland. Especially the autumn time with various colors is a source of inspiration. Colors are very important to me because they express certain feelings at that time.

The idea for embroideries always start with colors, or a particularly color. The rest follows automatically. Most of the designs are my own and I always have some sketches to work from. Sometimes I make sketches of impressions to keep for later use. I also followed some painting workshops and they came in quite handy later on.

During my stay in the Middle East I won a few prizes with the embroideries. “The David Barran Award” (English distinction) in Oman. I still make embroideries once in a while and try to develop new ideas. Because of my other hobbies I will stay flexible trying new techniques and styles. On this website I will show you my work in galleries accompanying each section with one of my hobbies.

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