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Modelling clay is an other hobby of mine and totally different from making embroideries or dolls. You also need totally different materials, tools and aids. But the hobbies go well together.

Portrait clay modelling

There are many ways working with clay. My field of interest is to make small objects and portrait models. You can use various sorts of clay in different colors, coarse or fine textured.

To start you need a bread of clay. How much you need of course depends on how tall the object is going to be. For a tall object you might need a board with pin to keep the clay in place (See photograph).Board with pin

To make a larger object it is important that the inside is hollow. Firing the object it expands and air might come out. When the air remains trapped the object will burst.

To make the object hollow you can use the board with pin and wrap paper around the pin. Start working the clay around it. When the clay is leather dry take the pin and paper out. Another option is to finish the object first and than hollow it out from the inside. This can mean you have to slice the object in two or more pieces and reassemble it again after removing the clay from the inside.

Important!! Mould and knead the clay firmly while working, to prevent air gets trapped in the clay, which potentially will burst the object when firing.

Modelling clay 2

Clay can be obtained from various sources such as brickworks, potteries, handicraft shops or specialist suppliers.

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