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DMC cotton thread

Probably the thread used mostly for embroidery. The thread is made up in six easily divisible strands which you can use in many ways, one string at the time or more.

Silk thread

The same as DMC but the thread is mercerized. It gives a beautiful pearl sheen. The thread is soft and silky.

Sewing thread

The image on the left gives an idea what you need for making embroidery.
  1. Silk embroidery thread
  2. DMC thread
  3. Embroider thread
  4. Thin silk thread
  5. Thread for a sewing machine
  6. Embroider cotton
  7. Wool
  8. Synthetic wool
  9. Assorted Fabric for cross stitches
  10. Assorted fabric
  11. Plain fabric
  12. Scissors
  13. Needles
  14. Assorted needles, long and small
  15. Needles for wool
  16. Stitch needles
  17. Pins
  18. Raffia
  19. Powder paint
  20. Powder paint
  21. Chalk
  22. Chalk
  23. Buttons
  24. Assorted buttons
  25. Beads
  26. Cold water paint
  27. Textile paint

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