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Styles & Techniques
Application A technique of arranging all kinds of fabrics in different kind of colors in a nice composition. This technique is already used for centuries for small objects.

Start cutting the fabric into shape, arrange it and pin in on the background. If you don't like it make changes or make a new composition. If everything is in the way you had in mind start stitching it. You can sew it by machine or by hand whichever you prefer. This technique is a simple way of making nice embroidery.

Embroidery threads

To finish your embroidery you can use all kinds of decoration such as: beads, sequins, lace and all kinds of sewing- and embroidery threads.
You can buy these materials if needed in special shops or markets. You don't need fancy stuff to start with. You can use scraps of fabric and odds and ends, especially when you start for the first time.

Embroideries Freestyle

Weird tree

Wahiba sands

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