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Tools and aids

At first while you're learning to mould with your hands, you don't really need equipment. Only when the hands cannot themselves do the job of shaping or decorating than other aids should be sought. In most households you can find the equipment you need.


Tools and aids you may need are a board eventually with pin to keep the clay in place. While modelling the clay it is useful to keep a kitchen knife at hand to remove some clay or reshape in places. Also a simple sponge does wonders. Other tools are shownTools in the photographs.They are all handy but not absolutely needed.

Work method

The best way to mould clay is to put it on a board, at eye level so you can see what you're doing, turn the object regularly to maintain correct proportion.


In libraries and bookshops you can find books with the proper information about modelling clay. From these books you can get yourself a fairly good idea what can be done with clay, how to use and model, decorate, glaze and fire it. They will also provide examples but when looking around you will find plenty subjects. Also several educational institutions in your neghbourhood will provide classes and workshops.

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 Pot decorated with engobe


Shapers, cutting wire, modelling tools.

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